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Daniel Reale

District 2 Libertarian Candidate for Congress


Where Daniel Stands On..

Taxes Economy Health Care National Defense Iraq 2nd Amendment and You

Cost of the War in Iraq
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  • What We've Done Since 2003 in Iraq and Afghanistan Speaks For Itself.

    Under the Democrats and Republicans, we've -

    -Aimlessly engaged in nation building
    -Attacked Iraq, a nation that had nothing to do with 9/11
    -Let Bin Laden escape
    -Waged and escalated a war based on a lie (and failed to prosecute it)
    -Spread this aimless war into Pakistan (again without a declaration of war)
    -Lied about the reason for these wars, changed the lie when it became evident, and repeated the process
    -Made the Middle East less secure and less stable by creating power vacuums.

    The Democrats -

    -Lied about ending the war
    -Expanded the war, even more than Bush asked for
    -Plan on leaving permanent installations in Iraq
    -Let deliberately misleading the Congress go unpunished
    -Virtually ignore the war they ran against in 2006

    Libertarians -

    -Take national defense seriously and will pursue any threat
    -Don't believe in attacking nations that haven't attacked us
    -Would declare war, fight it and win it should a threat exist
    -Don't believe in over extending our military through nation building

    The choice is simple. Democrats and Republicans have no plans to change anything. In fact, the powers in charge of both parties have always left the truth about nation building out in the cold.