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Dan Reale for Congress
"For Liberty and the Constitution"

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Celebrate Your Independence. Preserve Liberty Today.

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The 2010 election cycle has arrived. As expected, the unconstitutional bailouts, wars and aimless spending have continued. The Democrats have provided no change. The Republicans still have no answers.

Medicare and Social Security now comprise $99.1 trillion in unfunded obligations, each becoming insolvent far ahead of schedule. The Bush and Obama administrations have swindled trillions from taxpayers under the guise of saving the economy. Both have failed to prosecute constitutional violations. Congress has stood idly by.

None of this is a surprise. Both major parties are by, for and of corporations. We need average citizens in Washington, men and women who work for a living, people in touch with the issues you face. It is time to renew America and the idea of a citizen legislature. It is time to reaffirm the Constitution and exactly what it says. We need solutions now.

Here are the facts under Democrats and Republicans –

- Connecticut has consistently lost jobs since 1990.
- Between 1999 and 2009, a mere 550,000 jobs were created in the United States (one half of one third of one percent of the population)
- In 1980, one dollar in debt created one dollar in GDP. In 2007, one dollar in GDP growth required five in debt
- Real GDP only grew 2.7% between 1997 and 2007
- Since 1949, consistent two party expansion of government has decreased private sector jobs
- Since 1949, public and private debt have only increased in the long term
- Since 1949, healthcare, food and education costs have only increased
- Between 2003 and 2006 alone, the supply of money in the economy increased 16%, whereas the amount of goods and services did not increase
- Despite the stimulus and the bailouts, 14.5 million were out of work for 27 weeks or more and real unemployment was 16.3% as of August 2009. Simply stabilizing unemployment would require 100,000 new jobs every month.
- 6.7 million jobs disappeared in the US since 2007

This all started decades ago. We are paying for it now. Both major parties have not belonged to we the people for a very long time; neither has our government.

The “lesser of two evils” may not mean losing as much, but it still means losing. Every time it wins, you win nothing. It means a broken tax system, a broken healthcare system, a broken economy and more of the same every time.

Dan Reale is for liberty and the Constitution. He is running as a Libertarian on a mandate of true reform. This site is here to not only tell you more about the campaign, but about the facts as they are and comprehensive solutions.

Don’t wait for someone else to vote for liberty and the Constitution. Be the first.