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Daniel Reale

District 2 Libertarian Write-in Candidate for Congress


Where Daniel Stands On..

Taxes Economy Health Care National Defense Iraq 2nd Amendment and You

Cost of the War in Iraq
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    Dan's Pledge: A Sworn Statement to Fulfill Promises Under Penalty of Perjury (Compare to "trust me" from other candidates)

    An Important Message from Dan Reale

    "I'd like to thank those who have supported me in bringing the message of liberty to the Second District and bringing us closer to freedom in our time. We can no longer wait for the Republican reinforcements that will never come to restore the Constitution. The fact is that we are the reinforcements."

    "If you quit, you fail. If you fail to imagine or conceive that success is possible, you fail. Failure is not an option. We must know that we can succeed and that eventually, we will. No matter the crisis or misfortune, we will rise to meet it. We will find a way. For our part, there isn't another option."

    "I am honored to complete our important task beside you as equals. Our goal is a truly independent nation, a group of 300+ million kings and queens who bow to no one."

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